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Who Are We? What Do We Do?

We are a creative marketing consultancy that helps businesses, event organizers and associations maximize earning potentials by increasing attendace & traffic at events & in-store promotions.  We manage ad spend and create strategic marketing and advertising funnels that generate our clients money.

Paid advertising is the quickest way to increase customer acquisition and maximize impressions. In today’s digital world, success depends largely on attention, design, and aesthetics. Attention often is followed by conversions, which is a given action or outcome that you would like your customer or potential customer to take. We craft every campaign from scratch using our special PSAO approach. This approach has been tested many times by our company and remains the quickest and most effective way to increase sales, event attendance, reach, revenue, branding, impressions and customer acquisition.

Company Leadership

Our company Is lead by experts in the digital media space. We have many years of experience building online sales funnels for events, in-store promotions, and promotional events that convert. We then leverage online marketing using google advertising, facebook advertising, instagram advertising to drive traffic and revenue to your organization.

Our leadership team has led national marketing and telemarketing campaigns for sectors in real estate, fundraising, healthcare, automotive, multi-media, technology, service industries, hospitality, and more. We have successfully performed both B2B and B2C campaigns. We have managed, along with our account managers, telemarketing campaigns as large as 3500 calls per day and campaigns as low as 200-300 calls per day. We custom tailor every campaign to our customers unique situations. We bring years of experience to the table and we know how to get results.

Companies Under Management

  • Soft Scan Imaging, 2014 – Current 

Private Company Focused On Mobile Ultrasound Services For Physicians, Health Screening Services, & Mobile Imaging Compliance & Consulting

  • SL Health Care , 2020 – Current

Acquisition Group Focused On Acquiring & Managing Independent Home Health Agencies

Your Final Results Using Our Approach

Acquire, Consolidate, & Streamline


Increased Revenue & Value